Hear this: Apple said to have new, higher-end AirPods in the works

June 30, 2018 by Rex Crum, The Mercury News

Since we can never hear enough about the next big thing Apple might have in store, here's something that could be music to your ears.

Or, rather, music in your .

You've probably seen people walking around with Apple's AirPods sticking our of their ears and wondered how someone doesn't just lose the wireless earbuds. And at $159 a pair, losing a set of AirPods would be a pricey and frustrating accident.

Well, if you were just getting used to the thought of paying $159 for AirPods, get ready for that price to go up.

Citing "people familiar with the matter," Bloomberg reported that Apple is preparing to roll out a higher-end version of AirPods in 2019 that will come with noise-cancellation technology, the capability to work away from iPhones and iPads at longer ranges than current AirPods, and which will be water-resistant to rain and a person's perspiration.

Apple will also unveil a revamped version of its current AirPods that will support features such as hands-free activation of the company's Siri voice-assistant technology, according to Bloomberg.

As Apple historically holds an event in September to show off upgrades to its line of iPhones, it's possible Apple could use that event to give a preview of whatever plans it has for its AirPods and other music-listening products.

Apple is also said to be preparing to put out a set of high-end, over-the-ear-headphones that will have the Apple brand and be marketed as an option to Apple's line of Beats headphones, and is said to be preparing to put on sale an upgraded version of its HomePod home speaker.

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