US to 'carefully' review GM request on autonomous car: Chao

GM's Cruise AV is an autonomous vehicle with no steering wheel or pedals
GM's Cruise AV is an autonomous vehicle with no steering wheel or pedals

Regulators will "carefully and responsibly" review General Motors' request to test an autonomous car without a steering wheel, US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said Sunday.

"It is now coming to the stage with the rapid advancement of self-driving technology that this request is now a reality," Chao said on the sidelines of the Detroit Auto Show.

"So we will view the petition carefully and responsibly."

GM on Friday unveiled the Cruise AV, an with no steering wheel or pedals, announcing it had asked the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to exempt it from a number of federal standards that cannot be met with a .

GM executives have said they planned to introduce a large-scale fleet of self-driving taxis by 2019, a timeframe some analysts consider ambitious.

GM released images of the Cruise AV and video of the interior with a strikingly spacious windshield devoid of a .

"It's quite a striking image when people see it for the first time," GM president Dan Ammann told AFP on the sidelines of a GM event Saturday.

"I think people will want to engage with the technology and understand it and experience it," Ammann said.

"But I think what's really most powerful about what the technology can offer is an increase in safety on the road. And once people understand that and see and experience it, we think the adoption will be there."

"Its hard to generalize" about whether the public is ready for , Ammann said. "Some people are more than ready. And other people will be watching and seeing how it evolves."

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Jan 15, 2018
How much extra will this tech with no manual override cost?
The steering servos for example will have to be as reliable as the parts that keep a helicopter in the sky. They will have to be maintained to similar standards as aero parts- no longer something you can fix yourself with whatever tools you have to hand.
Few garages will be licenced to maintain them and those that do will have high training costs.

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