Study reveals high relationship quality in same-sex couples

A new Family Relations study provides robust evidence against deep-rooted social perceptions of same-sex relationships being conflictual, unhappy, and dysfunctional.

In the study of 25,348 individuals in the United Kingdom and 9,206 individuals in Australia, the level of relationship quality reported by gay/lesbian people was as high as that reported by heterosexual people in the United Kingdom, and higher in Australia.

The lowest in both countries was reported by bisexual individuals.

"In countries such as Australia, and their families are being subjected to intense public scrutiny. This study provides timely evidence to combat erroneous stereotypes, demonstrating that these are loving, happy and functional couples," said co-author Dr. Francisco Perales, of The University of Queensland, in Australia.

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More information: Francisco Perales et al, Sexual Identity and Relationship Quality in Australia and the United Kingdom, Family Relations (2017). DOI: 10.1111/fare.12293
Journal information: Family Relations

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