Amazon adds 50 Dash Buttons, says orders roll in twice a minute

Amazon is expanding its one-press Dash Button technology to toys and musical equipment.

The Seattle-based company released 50 new Dash Buttons Tuesday, investing further in the technology that lets Prime subscribers press a small, physical button to instantly reorder a specific item from Amazon.

Dash Buttons launched last year as a way for customers to quickly reorder commonly used household items such as dishwasher detergent. The buttons stick onto appliances or cabinets, and Amazon hopes they serve as a reminder to reorder right away, rather than risk forgetting an item when you're back at your computer or phone.

The new offerings include buttons for Nerf products, Play-Doh and Campbell's soup.

People have expressed skepticism about the buttons - after all, many at first were convinced they were an April Fool's joke when Amazon announced the program.

Research firm Slice Intelligence said the buttons are rarely used, according to The Wall Street Journal. The majority of people who bought a Dash Button have yet to use it, and those who do press the buttons do so rarely, the research firm said.

Amazon's own statistics contradict the lukewarm response. The company said Tuesday that Dash Button orders have increased by 70 percent in the past three months and orders roll in twice a minute.

Dash Buttons cost $4.99 each, although a $4.99 credit is added to the user's account after the first purchase from a button.

With the expansion, Amazon now offers 150 Dash Buttons.

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