Talk Talk says cyberattack data theft not as bad as feared

Talk Talk says cyberattack data theft not as bad as feared
In this file photo dated Oct. 3, 2014, Dido Harding, Chief Executive of telecommunications company TalkTalk. Phone and Internet service provider Talk Talk said Friday that private data from its 4 million British customers may have been compromised in a "significant and sustained" cyberattack on its website, and Chief Executive Harding said "there is a risk that all of our customers' personal data has been accessed," including credit card and bank details. (Anthony Devlin / FILE PA via AP)

British telecoms company Talk Talk says a cyberattack feared to have put 4 million customers' details at risk is not as bad as initially thought.

Chief executive Dido Harding said Saturday that attackers hacked the company's website but not its core systems, and "none of our customers' has been exposed."

She said some bank account details had been accessed, but not enough for thieves to steal money from customers' accounts.

Talk Talk has acknowledged that it realized it was under attack on Wednesday and has been criticized for not telling customers for more than a day.

On Friday the firm said it had received a ransom note from the alleged hackers.

It is the third known this year on Talk Talk, which provides , Internet and pay-TV services.

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