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Poland eyes cybersecurity in skies

Poland on Wednesday agreed to test a cybersecurity pilot programme for the aviation sector as Europe's EASA civil aviation authority tackles the potential threats posed by hackers to air traffic.

dateNov 08, 2017 in Security
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Ransomware like Bad Rabbit is big business

October is Cybersecurity Awareness month, which is being observed in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere around the world. Ironically, it began with updates about a large-scale hack, and is ending with a large-scale ...

Small cyber attack hits Russia and Ukraine

A cyber attack Monday hit a Ukrainian international airport and three Russian media outlets just four months after the "NotPetya" malware spread from two countries across the world.

UK probes Equifax hacking

Britain's financial watchdog on Tuesday said it was investigating a massive hack of the US consumer credit rating service Equifax that affected potentially almost 700,000 British customers.

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