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Tech Q&A: How an online bank knows who you are

Q: Besides entering my user ID and password, my financial institution makes me verify my identity by entering a personal identification number (PIN) that is sent via text, email or phone call. Even after that, I'm always ...

dateOct 19, 2018 in Security
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How your little email server puts you in charge

Helm is a startup that wants to satisfy people who dream of having ownership of their email content. Companies hold your data on their servers; this Helm concept is the price you would pay for turning that around, where you ...

dateOct 19, 2018 in Security weblog
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Why your online data isn't safe

Until recently, the presumptive targets for massive data theft were considered to be companies that lacked sophisticated cybersecurity or didn't take the issue seriously enough.

dateOct 03, 2018 in Internet Security
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The most dangerous celebrity online is revealed

Ruby Rose has played some dangerous characters, like an inmate in "Orange Is the New Black" and a scientist battling a prehistoric shark in "The Meg." But the actress herself is now officially dangerous.

Why you can't always trust your handy map app

For centuries, people have relied on maps to figure out where they are and where they're going. But today's digital maps—seemingly more precise than ever —aren't always as dependable as they appear.

India's billion-strong biometric database

More than a billion Indians have uploaded their biometric details to a national database in exchange for a unique 12-digit ID that authorities say will transform how citizens interact with government and propel the world's ...

Virobot: How to say your PC is toast, in French?

A ransomware-flavored Virobot with keylogger capabilities was found to be capable of enslaving personal computers in a botnet, reported a number of sites including HotHardware. It was affecting targets in the United States.

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