Burberry turns to Snapchat before runway to debut London Fashion Week show

The first look at Burberry's latest collection won't be seen on the runway. Instead, the fashions will be previewed on Snapchat in what the designer is calling "the first ever" Snapchat fashion show.

The luxury brand famous for its trench coats will give fans an inside look at its newest styles on its Snapchat account Saturday. The next day, Snapchat plans to feature clips from Burberry's London Fashion Week runway show in the app's "Stories" section.

It's a big play for Burberry to get the young adults and teenagers who dominate Snapchat to interact more with the brand.

Los Angeles-based Snapchat has had a big digital presence during this week's New York Fashion Week. Designers including Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger used the app to introduce their spring 2016 collections in Snapchat's official fashion week videos.

The National Football League, Univision and Live Nation have also struck agreements with Snapchat to help promote their events.

Burberry's announcement included a rare statement from Snapchat Chief Executive Evan Spiegel, whose style preference is usually fashionable kicks, black jeans and a V-neck shirt.

"Burberry is an iconic brand, and it's a thrill for us to give our community the first look at their new collection," Spiegel said.

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