Review highlights steps needed to deal with bed bugs in multi-family housing

A new review highlights how an integrated pest management approach that utilizes a combination of chemical and nonchemical control options is the best strategy for getting rid of bed bug infestations; however, pest management professionals that are hired on a lowest bid basis are not likely to use such an approach.

Efforts in multi-family settings are especially dependent on a collaborative community or building-wide effort involving residents, building staff, and pest control technicians.

The review notes that to prevent reinfestation and reduce costs associated with bed control, it is critical to continue monitoring for the presence of and to implement preventive control measures even after the pests are successfully eliminated.

"Bed bug problems are still increasing, and we can only hope that research and educational programs will be able to slow them down," said Dr. Gary Bennett, lead author of the Pest Management Science study.

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More information: Pest Management Science, DOI: 10.1002/ps.4084
Journal information: Pest Management Science

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