Google shares gain a record $65B in value

Google is already one of the largest companies in the world, and on Friday it made one of the largest stock market moves ever.

The Internet giant reported strong second-quarter results on Thursday, sending its stock climbing. Google's , already around $403 billion, rose some $65 billion to finish at $468.3 billion, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Google's Class A stock traded above $700 for the first time since the company conducted a stock split last spring. The combined gains include Google Inc.'s Class A and non-voting Class C shares.

Google's results had fallen short of Wall Street estimates for six straight quarters, but the Mountain View, California-based company reported a bigger-than-expected profit on Thursday. Investors were also pleased that the search engine giant seems serious about cutting down on expenses, particularly on costly "moonshot" projects.

Not adjusting for inflation, the current record holder is Apple. Apple Inc.'s market cap rose $46.4 billion in value on April 25, 2012, after a better-than-expected first-quarter report. Investors had expected weak iPhone sales that quarter because Apple was getting ready to launch the iPhone 5. Instead, Apple said its net income doubled and it sold 35 million iPhones that quarter, almost double its total from the year-ago quarter.

Google's Class A shares gained $97.84, or 16.3 percent, to close at $699.62. Google's Class C shares rose 16.1 percent to $672.93.

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Jul 18, 2015
Yet another reason the FARCE called the "free Market Economy" is obsolete.

This is literally a way of legally counterfeiting money, by manipulating the price of a stock.

People are stupid to sink $68billion more into Google just because of a few sentences someone said.

The "Free Market" is not "free" because it is controlled by various combinations of evil and greedy people, combined with just plain stupid and irrational people.

This is not "freedom" it's SLAVERY, because it robs value from the naive populace and transfers it to the "owners".

Free Markets are also anti-nationalistic.

Do you think America is a "Great Nation"?

Then why do we sell our inventions and our food and chemical products to other nations who either hate us directly, or indirectly back and fund programs which undermine our own labor market and economy?

"Great Nations" aren't supposed to develop economic models which undermine their own integrity. That's what happened to Rome...death...

Jul 18, 2015
It is a shame how dumb people are.

Tomorrow, Google will do whatever they feel like with this new 65, 68 billion, whatever the number is, and some of you fools who bought into will sell at the wrong time and lose everything, and some will sell at the right time and strike it rich, and none of you did anything worthy of profit. One fool impoverished and another fool prospers, and the world is not made a better place for anybody else.

"Free Markets" are not free.

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