Adaptive hydrotherapy wetsuit

Adaptive hydrotherapy wetsuit
Credit: Hong Kong PolyU

This user-operated adaptive hydrotherapy wetsuit is for people with limited mobility, in particular paraplegic patients and the elderly. As water can minimize the impact on patients' joints and muscles during conditioning exercises, hydrotherapy is recommended or users with limited mobility. However, hydrotherapy usually requires the involvement of at least two physiotherapists.

This invention enables the wearers to change between an and a supine position in water during hydrotherapy by self-operating the adjustable foam panels. The number of required physiotherapists can thus be reduced to one.

In addition, this wetsuit provides the wearers with maximum comfort through ergonomic design as well as skin-friendly fabrics and accessories.

Special Features and Advantages:

  • Slide/lock system for self-operation
  • Adjustable foam mechanism to change position from upright position to supine position during hydrotherapy


  • Paraplegic patients
  • The elderly with limited mobility

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