TV service DishWorld changes name to Sling International

Dish Network's Sling TV said Friday that the live streaming, multi-language television service DishWorld will now be called Sling International.

The service provides global programming starting at $15 per month from nearly 200 channels in 18 languages to U.S. households.

Dish Network Corp. launched its Sling TV subsidiary in February as its attempt to attract the estimated 10 million households who pay only for Internet service and not for cable. The number of people who pay cable companies, satellite TV companies and telecommunications companies for TV access—the traditional pay-TV system—has been slowly dropping as online video alternatives such as Netflix and Hulu provide shows more cheaply online.

The $20-a-month Sling TV includes ESPN, along with other popular . Dish also recently announced that it would start offering HBO through Sling TV for an extra $15 a month.

Shares of Englewood, Colorado-based Dish Network Corp. closed at $70.96 on Thursday and have slipped about 2.6 percent so far this year. Markets were closed Friday.

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