Uber launches a magazine for drivers and a tablet service for families

Uber had something for drivers and riders in a pair of announcements this week.

On Monday, the San Francisco ride-hailing company launched Momentum, an electronic magazine for its drivers that shares tips and tricks on getting the most out of the job.

On the consumer front, the company announced on Tuesday a partnership with California tablet maker Fuhu to equip certain Uber rides with Fuhu's Nabi tablets.

Ryan Graves, Uber's head of operations, said via the Uber blog that the magazine will keep Uber drivers up-to-date on what's happening at the and will give them "new and improved methods to connect (with Uber) and one another."

The launch issue, available online, is nine pages long and includes driver profiles and tips on how to stay hydrated and healthy while driving for Uber.

Uber did not immediately respond to requests for comment or confirm whether it has other avenues through which can connect with one another, like message boards or online groups.

Meanwhile, UberFamily Rides - a version of the ride-hailing service where vehicles are equipped with child seats (currently available in select East Coast markets) - will now provide Fuhu's Nabi 2 educational tablets to keep kids engaged and amused during rides at no extra cost.

"We are providing kid-appropriate content and services that helps make car travel with kids a simpler, more appealing experience," said Fuhu Chief Executive Jim Mitchell in a statement.

The Fuhu tablets are already available in Washington D.C., New York City and Philadelphia.

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