Toyota unveils FV2 3-wheeled color-changing concept car ahead of Tokyo Motor Show

November 6, 2013 by Bob Yirka, report

The Toyota Motor Corp. FV2 concept car. Credit: Toyota Motor
( —The Tokyo Motor Show taking place later this month promises to be a peak into the future—automakers will be showing off autonomous vehicles and other concepts that suggest that carmakers believe the wave of the future is to let the vehicle do more of the driving. But, there are other ideas as well, two of which are coming from Toyota: one is a fuel cell vehicle, the other a three-wheeler steering wheel-less vehicle that reads moods and is ridden, rather than driven.

The three-wheeler, which Toyota is calling the FV2 looks like a streamlined three-wheeled motorcycle. But there the comparison ends, because this new is meant to be a driving partner, rather than a tool to allow people to get from one place to another. Toyota compares it to the relationship riders have with a horse. Drivers, "ride" by standing up and using their bodies to steer, rather than a wheel. The FV2 gradually learns to read the mood of the driver and because of that begins to offer destination suggestions and even alters the color of the vehicle to match what it thinks the rider is feeling. Up front, the rider peers through a tall windshield that displays heads-up information—communication between rider and vehicle comes via voice and facial recognition. The FV2 appears to represent a convergence of technology with aspects reminiscent of smartphone apps, the Segway, robotics and virtual reality applications. As with many concept vehicles, though, it's not likely the FV2 will ever be sold to customers.

More practically, Toyota will also be demonstrating a hydrogen powered vehicle it calls the Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV)—a four seater that boasts a stack and dual storage tanks. Company reps told reporters that the vehicle will be able to travel up to 310 miles before getting a refill and that if desired, can power a home for up to a week. Toyota has also put a lot of thought into how the car looks—the idea, they say, was to convey the transformation of air and water into energy with a sleek smooth exterior. Toyota has not said so specifically, but industry insiders claim that the company plans to sell a similar vehicle to the public as early as 2015.

Credit: Toyota Motor

FV2's advanced augmented reality windshield.

Credit: Toyota Motor

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3 / 5 (2) Nov 06, 2013
The car has four wheels not three.
It's peek, not peak.
1 / 5 (2) Nov 06, 2013

Smart Technology Review is the connect all smartphone,laptop,computer,software,hardware and others thinks.
not rated yet Nov 06, 2013
fun untill you go round a corner too fast and fall off / out
not rated yet Nov 06, 2013
Wonderful ideas, which means they will never see the light of day since this is a vehicle we're talking about.
5 / 5 (1) Nov 06, 2013
It leans, and has wheels on each side, Scotty. Falling off/out would take some doing.

I wonder what the speed and range are.

2nd the motion to replace "peak into the future" with "peek ...".

5 / 5 (1) Nov 07, 2013
Gosh, now all they have to do is actually build one.

You should see the new moon base the Raelian society demonstrated today with a cartoon show and sock puppet actors.

Anything is possible at

5 / 5 (2) Nov 10, 2013
How could something so smart be so stupid? I couldn't find any videos of anybody actually driving (or riding) one of these things, and I'm not surprised. The idea of standing up in a moving vehicle without something to hold onto is a scary one. You can't even stand still on a bus or subway car without giving a lot of effort to the task of maintaining balance, even when grasping onto the ceiling strap, or for that matter riding the car sitting sideways. How is the on board computer going to interpret that? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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