Microsoft says used games will work on Xbox One

Xbox One

Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One gaming console will be able to play used games, clearing up a worry among gamers and video game retailers such as GameStop, which trade in used games.

That means video games discs users buy will not be limited to one Xbox One device, and players can share or trade in the games they have bought for other used games, just as they have been able to do in the past.

Microsoft Corp. said in a blog post Thursday that it will not charge a fee to retailers, publishers or gamers for transferring their old games.

The Xbox One, which goes on sale later this year ahead, will need to be connected online at least once every 24 hours to work. Some players had been concerned that the console was going to require a constant Internet connection.

Users will be able to access their games from other consoles through an online library after installing them on their primary device, but they will need to connect to the Internet at least every hour. They will be able to watch live TV and Blu-ray and DVD movies on the Xbox One without an Internet connection, Microsoft said.

Microsoft will give more details about the Xbox One next week at the E3 video game conference in Los Angeles.

Shares of Microsoft rose 51 cents to $35.47 in late morning trading. GameStop Corp.'s shares rose $2.40, or 6.9 percent, to $37.02. The stock has traded in the 52-week range of $15.32 and $39.87.

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Jun 07, 2013
What they have failed to address is:
Heat issues forcing them to underclock the xbone.
privacy issues from collecting marketing data from the kinect camera being 'live' whenever the xbone is powered up.
Visual DRM checking when accessing bought content like games, music and films. (patent just been announced)
most games running at 30 fps instead of the 60 fps.

my advice is.. avoid until every becomes cleared. and confirmed. (xbox fan of almost 15 years). or buy ps4.

Jun 08, 2013
Sources btb?

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