Rumor: Xbox 360 games to be playable on Windows 8 PC's

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( -- A number of different sites are reporting the rumors that are making gamers ears twitch. The rumor says that Microsoft is about to make a big addition to the desktop version of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system; the ability to play their Xbox 360 game disks on their PC.

Of course, since this is only a rumor there is no way to know if this supposed feature is expected to show up in all of the Windows 8 machines out there, or if certain hardware specifications that will need to be met in order to play with the Xbox 360 games.

While this does have the potential to expand the base of Xbox 360 users it would also neuter the consoles sales, since there would be no need to buy both a game console and a PC. Though, if this turns out to be true, the company may have to deal with some resentment from the early adopters of the Xbox 360 who had to buy the console, pay to upgrade their hard drive size and then pay for a separate point in order to get online.

Then again if the rest of the Microsoft rumors turn out to be true Xbox 360 fans may already be onto the next thing. Many gamers are expecting the announcement of yet another console at E3 2012. If that is the case then the Windows 8 maneuver may be a way to expand the sales of the considerable library of titles after the console is no longer the newest thing.

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