NEC phone is liquid-cooled and gender-specific

NEC phone is liquid-cooled and gender-specific

( —Pink is the color of princess fairy-tale gowns, magic slippers, upscale cupcake icing, and everything else favorable to girls who just want to be girls. "Ladyphones" appear to be concepts for female-targeted phone designs, and now NEC is joining manufacturers fashioning pink smartphones as a female fashion accessory. But this would not be a females-first. In 2011, Fujitsu announced an ARROWS smartphone with gem-cut buttons that shine when the user gets a call or a message. Earlier this month, NEC announced its NEC Medias X 06E, readied for NTT DoCoMo's summer phone lineup, for sale in Japan at the end of June. The Medias X 06E from NEC will come in two colors, white and pink, with an attached light-pendant. The promoted features of the new phone are running in two directions, (1) the feminine design and (2) the news that the X 06E smartphone is the world's first liquid-cooled smartphone.

Namely, the Medias X 06E features a liquid cooled Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor A water-filled funnels heat away from the Snapdragon processor. As a result, the phone is said to feel cooler than other smartphones.

(Qualcomm in general has promoted its Snapdragon processors as having been designed with thermal efficiency as a priority. According to , "The hottest phones stay cool," one of the slogans on its Snapdragon site. "Mobile processors are required to process huge amounts of information quickly and without the use of a fan – so some get really hot. That heat is battery life and wasting away. Snapdragon processors are designed with as a priority.")

Actually, the water-cooling and feminine design concepts may not be entirely unrelated, both resonating with the same demographic. TechEye offered its take, that the water-cooling concept is in fact targeted to women as an attractive idea of a phone that is cool and comfortable. "Women don't like sweaty palms and that is where the heatpipe comes in. It helps dissipate the heat and keep the snowy white smartphone cool. Of course, it doesn't eliminate excess heat altogether, it just spreads it along the device a bit more evenly."

Beyond the fashion design for women and the cooling features, the Medias X 06E has other selling points, including NFC connectivity, a 4.7-inch 1280x720 HD AMOLED display, and 13.1- megapixel front-facing camera.

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