Google to sell HTC One with unmodified Android

Google is adding the recently released HTC One to its lineup of smartphones running on an unmodified version of its latest Android software.

An HTC One model relying on the same version of Android as 's Nexus brand will go on sale on June 26 for $599. That's the same day . will start selling a Samsung Galaxy 4S that runs on a pure version of Android for $649.

Most consumers have been paying about $200 for the HTC One and Galaxy 4S since their April release. subsidize the smartphones in return for a two-year contract commitment.

Google's phone sales aren't tied to any wireless carrier. The devices are aimed at people who don't like the revisions that HTC and Samsung made to the Android.

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May 30, 2013
To claim that these devices cost 'only $200 (with subsidies)' is naive and misguided. Sure that's the only obvious out of pocket cost to the customer, but you can be sure that wireless carriers are not providing these phones at a loss and more than recoup the initial investment in the long two-year contract attached to the purchase of the phone. It's not like carriers get some kind of discount from the manufacturer that magically evaporates the value of these devices.

Don't fool yourself, these are high tech pieces of equipment and you *have* been paying list price for them all along, wittingly or not.

If you don't have $600 lying around, T-Mobile basically allows you to take a 0% interest loan on a new phone with a down payment. "But that's not any different!" The difference is you know what you're paying (and you only have to pay the loan off, it doesn't continue) and you can control it (for example paying off early).

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