Patent trial over iPhone technology wraps up

Patent trial over iPhone technology wraps up
People wait in line to get inside for the Apple and Samsung trial during a lunch break at a federal courthouse in San Jose, Calif., Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012. After three weeks of listening to technology experts, patent professionals and company executives debate the complicated legal claims of Apple Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co., a jury of nine men and women are set to decide one of the biggest technology disputes in history. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

(AP) — Closing arguments have started in the multibillion dollar patent trial involving the world's biggest smartphone companies, after last-minute talks between chief executives failed to resolve the dispute.

After a judge spent the morning reading the jury 84 separate instructions Tuesday, Apple Corp. lawyer Harold McElhinny launched into his final pitch.

Apple argues that Samsung Electronics Corp. should pay the Cupertino-based company $2.5 billion for "ripping off" its and iPad technology.

Samsung's attorneys will deliver their closing argument later. They contend Apple should pay Samsung $400 million for allegedly stealing the South Korean company's technology.

Jurors are likely to start Wednesday.

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