In Canada, 'Star Wars' exhibit asks who we are

A new exhibit exploring human identity through the "Star Wars" universe and the epic sci-fi saga's quirky characters kicks off a multi-city world tour in Montreal on Thursday.

" Identities" combines the latest scientific research in areas of psychology, and genetics with some 200 costumes, props, models and artwork from the archives to ask the fundamental questions: who we are and how do we become who we are?

"Since 'Star Wars' takes place in a fantasy world, the characters need to be identifiable so that the audience can connect to them," the creator of the wildly popular films, George Lucas, said in a statement.

"These larger-than-life characters come complete with friends, enemies, values, and beliefs. This exhibition examines how the Star Wars characters are like us, what we may have in common, and what makes up our individual identities."

Visitors are expected to rediscover their favorite "Star Wars" characters "in a whole new light" while also developing a better understanding of their own complex identity.

The exhibit is divided into three major themes: the characters' origins, the influences that shaped them, and the personal choices that altered their lives.

Within these three themes, 10 components of human identity are explored -- species, origins, parents, culture, mentors, friends, occupation, marking events, personality and values.

The show at the Montreal Science Centre will run until September 16 before moving on to Edmonton in western Canada and then to 10 cities in Europe, and Asia.

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