Egg-laying beginning of the end for dinosaurs

Their reproductive strategy spelled the beginning of the end: The fact that dinosaurs laid eggs put them at a considerable disadvantage compared to viviparous mammals. Together with colleagues from the Zoological Society ...

Apple, Samsung chiefs to meet on patent disputes

The chiefs of iPhone-maker Apple and smartphone giant Samsung have agreed to meet in the coming months to try to resolve patent disputes before the matters go to trial, legal filings showed.

In Canada, 'Star Wars' exhibit asks who we are

A new exhibit exploring human identity through the "Star Wars" universe and the epic sci-fi saga's quirky characters kicks off a multi-city world tour in Montreal on Thursday.

New shrimp-like species found in New Mexico cave

Scientists have discovered a new tiny shrimp-like species in a gypsum cave in southeastern New Mexico, only a few dozen miles from the famous caves at Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

Researchers let loo-se on unique project

University of Manchester researchers are beginning work on a prototype device for harvesting energy and clean drinking water from human waste.

Intel 1Q earnings fall 13 percent, revenue steady

(AP) -- First-quarter earnings at Intel Corp. fell 13 percent as spending on research and marketing rose while revenue was flat, the world's largest chipmaker said Tuesday.

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