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Collaboration is key to rebuilding coral reefs

The most successful and cost-effective ways to restore coral reefs have been identified by an international group of scientists, after analyzing restoration projects in Latin America.

Migratory river fish populations down 76% since 1970

Populations of migratory river fish collapsed by 76 percent on average in the last 50 years, according to a report by conservation groups Tuesday, warning the "catastrophic" declines could impact people and ecosystems around ...

Study examines media coverage of protests worldwide

As anti-racism solidarity protests continue around the world, new research suggests mainstream media have a tendency to focus on the violence and spectacle of a protest rather than the substance. That mentality and approach ...

Kissing bugs also find suitable climatic conditions in Europe

An infection with Chagas disease is only possible in Latin America since the insect species that spread the disease only occurs there. Scientists at Goethe University and the Senckenberg Society for Natural Research have ...

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