StumbleUpon overhaul opens more avenues to explore

December 6, 2011 By MICHAEL LIEDTKE , AP Technology Writer

StumbleUpon is adding more avenues to meander through its online content recommendation service.

The renovations, unveiled late Monday as part of a major overhaul, allow StumbleUpon's 20 million users to be more specific about their interests so they won't have to wait as long for the service's technology to figure it out.

For example, users can now tell StumbleUpon to feed them information about specific brands, such as Audi, instead of a general topic such as cars or ask to be steered to the best material from a particular website, such as

More than 250 brands, actors and sports figures have set up channels under StumbleUpon's new format. Besides Audi and, StumbleUpon's initial channel line-up includes AOL Inc., .'s , Tom Hanks and Magic Johnson.

StumbleUpon also has added an "explore" option designed to make it easier to find content with a quick search.

The organizational tools bring a greater sense of direction to StumbleUpon, whose appeal has been tied to its random qualities. The free service, which makes it money from selling ads, got its name from its penchant for leading users down online corridors that they didn't even know existed.

"People are still going to experience serendipity and surprise on StumbleUpon, but they now they are going to have more control," said StumbleUpon CEO and co-founder Garrett Camp.

To herald the shift, StumbleUpon redesigned its logo. The most glaring change is the logo's color, now reddish-orange instead of blue and green.

The paint job comes nearly a decade after Camp and some friends started StumbleUpon in Canada before eventually moving to in 2006. That led to StumbleUpon's sale in 2007 to Inc. for $75 million. Camp regretted the decision and teamed up with several to buy back StumbleUpon from eBay for an undisclosed amount in 2009.

Since then, StumbleUpon's audience has tripled, helping the service emerge as one of the Web's largest catalysts for driving traffic to other sites. StumbleUpon says its recommends more than 1.2 billion pieces of content per month, doubling its volume from a year ago.

Next up: an international expansion for what so far has been an English-only service. The redesign includes technological tweaks that will make it easier to translate StumbleUpon into different languages. StumbleUpon, which is based in San Francisco, expects to expand into France and several other European countries early next year.

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