Businessmen unveil plans for 'Muslim Facebook'

December 1, 2011
An Indonesian Muslim woman using popular social networking website Facebook in Jakarta
An Indonesian Muslim woman using popular social networking website Facebook in Jakarta. A group of Muslim businessmen unveiled plans in Turkey on Thursday for a Facebook-style social networking site with "healthy values" for a young, Islamic audience.

A group of Muslim businessmen unveiled plans in Turkey on Thursday for a Facebook-style social networking site with "healthy values" for a young, Islamic audience., which will make its internet debut next year, "will seek to unify the youth in a common vision and the healthy values of Islam while attempting to not diffuse any unhealthy information," said Akhmed Azimov, the initiative's vice-president.

Based in Istanbul, with offices in Moscow and Cairo and coordinators in 30 countries, the site hopes to attract 50 million users within three years, Azimov told about 150 journalists from at the company's luxurious Istanbul offices.

"The heart of the project is to create a network without any content that is prohibited by religion," said Azimov, a Dagestan native. "To achieve this, we will have a big team of moderators and there will be filters.

"We also count on users to moderate themselves and to filter the contents."

Azimov declined to discuss funding details but said "there's no problem with that," adding the investors were a group of businessmen from the Muslim world.

Beyond user-generated content, the site will offer services such as theological consultations and city guides that list mosque locations and halal food stores.

"We're going to try to create an , a sort of Islamic ," Azimov said.

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1.6 / 5 (13) Dec 01, 2011
You must give your real name and address, if you offend draw a picture of Muhammad you will be beheaded, if you say you want to be a Christian you will be beheaded, if you question hardline muslims you will be beheaded, if you say you have been raped you will be stonned.

If you say you want to blow up infidels you will be praised.

4.3 / 5 (12) Dec 01, 2011
I am concerned about this new social network. I am Christian, my daughter is converting to Islam. We support her decision as that it is not made in haste but with a lot of thought and prayer. The reason I am concerned about this network is that I feel it is going to add to the divide between the major religions and increase the ignorance of each other. As you can see from the comment by "freethinking", ignorance has already started. The current Facebook allows for groups,many of which are Muslim. It also allows for you to choose who sees what and whom you are friends with. How can the world begin to heal and understand one another if we develop more ways to divide one another. The concept of the website, I am certain, was made with the best of intentions. But, I believe this is going to cause yet another divide between All of Gods Children. For that, I am sad and worried.
1.5 / 5 (13) Dec 01, 2011
Jill13, sorry to hear your daughter is converting to Islam. If you are a christian, you know where the path she is choosing will lead.

As for me being in ignorance of Islam you are mistaken. I am all too familiar with it. How long do you think I would live if I made a demeaning (or even a nice) drawing of Muhammad, put my name and address on it?

As a christian what would happen to you if you went to Pakistan and gave a bible to someone who is a muslim? I know people who are risking their lives doing just that.

What about Sharia law? What would happen to your daughter if God forbid she was raped in an Islamic country? http://www.thebla...e-death/

I don't care what religion you are so long as your religion doesnt condone killing me, killing someone who converts to my religion from yours, allows you to lie to me, etc.
1.6 / 5 (13) Dec 01, 2011
If my daughter would choose islam as a christian I would be sad, however the bible does not tell me to kill her. If I was a devote Muslim and she converted to Christianity, what does the Koran say I should do?

How about you do a google search -- Christians in muslim countries -- might be an eye opener.
If a muslim burns a bible, what would a christian do?
If a christian threatens to burn a Koran, what would muslims do?
If a muslim or athiest insults Jesus or the bible, what are christians told to do in the bible?
If anyone insults Muhammad or the Koran, what are muslims told to do in the Koran?

Getting back to this Muslim facebook thing, IF it goes anywhere it will be nothing more than a place of hate and a place to recuit terrorists.
3.7 / 5 (9) Dec 02, 2011
it will be nothing more than a place of hate and a place to recuit terrorists.
Some would say the same about the Glenn Beck site you linked to...
2 / 5 (4) Dec 02, 2011
..the bible does not tell me to kill..
Do you think all those references to 'stoning them' mean 'offer them some reefer'???
1.8 / 5 (5) Dec 02, 2011
For anyone who thinks Islam is a religion of peace do this test.
1. Go to Rome, yell the Pope is an idiot and Jesus is a fraud.
2. Go to a Glen Beck Rally, yell Glen Beck is an idiot and a hate monger.
3. Go to Mecca, yell Muhammad is an idiot.
4. Go to, wait you cant go anywhere, you'll be killed in Mecca.
0.8 / 5 (48) Dec 04, 2011
What's your point?

The Pope IS an idiot.

Jesus WAS a fraud.

Glenn Beck IS an idiot and a hate monger.

Muhammad (pbuh) IS the one true prophet of Allah (God).

Your scenario would be a totally reasonable response.
1 / 5 (1) Dec 04, 2011
It is stupid wheat the christonuts write. Turkey has long reputation of construction especially in the upscale luxury sector, and they also fund these projects when West was scarred. I'm happy they set up office in Moscow it is a smart business move.
1 / 5 (2) Dec 04, 2011
FH who is the hate monger? The person who like you who spews hate, or one who speaks the truth? Who is the brave man, the man like you who would spit on the one who wont strike back, or the one who would kiss the behind of those that would behead innocent people?

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