Cameras at intersections save lives, dollars

Cameras at intersections save lives, dollars

A landmark study has found that despite the public's perception that road safety cameras are merely revenue raising devices, they significantly reduce road accidents and so save Victoria millions of dollars annually in associated crash costs.

The Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) study found that fixed digital speed and red light (FDSRL) cameras caused a decrease in casualty crashes of between 26 and 47 per cent, depending on vehicle approach, in the areas immediately surrounding their placement.

This saves the community the costs associated with medical treatment, property damage and lost productivity caused by .

Dr. Stuart Newstead and Ms. Laurie Budd of MUARC analyzed 87 of Victoria's 175 FDSRL cameras at intersections located across the state last year, comparing the before and after the installation of the cameras with those at comparable interstections without the cameras.

"This is the first time that the effectiveness of FDSRL cameras, a relatively new form of road rule enforcement, has been examined, " said Dr. Newstead. 

"Across the areas we examined, the cameras led to 17 fewer crashes causing death, and 39 fewer crashes causing minor injuries each year.

"We estimate that this reduction represents at least $8 million in crash cost savings each year.

"The results speak for themselves - these cameras have proved their worth in reducing resulting from speeding and red light running at dangerous intersections.

"Given that less than half the FDSRL cameras in the state were analysed in depth, you would expect both the benefits and the consequent savings to the community to be even greater."

The study results informed the Victorian Auditor General's report, released last week, which concluded that cameras were of benefit to the community in terms of reducing the road toll.

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More information: The full report, Evaluation of the Crash Effects of Victoria's Fixed Digital Speed Cameras can be accessed at the MUARC website.
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Sep 08, 2011
The public's perception of road safety cameras as merely revenue raising devices was created to undermine the safety case for them. In the UK cameras have been shut down to save money (which demonstrates the revenue was not the driver) and speeds have increased. (Now watch someone post that accidents have not increased as a result; so that's alright then.)

Sep 08, 2011
I knew a troublesome junction in London that was fitted with an early red-runner camera despite strident objections. Several months later, a local youth was badly injured there by a red-runner who failed to stop. The camera caught the incident almost at the end of its monthly roll, confirmed speed and red-run, provided enough vehicle details to trace and prosecute.
After that, a small crowd of teens would gather on the corner beneath the camera and cheer (!!) each time the double-flash caught another scoff-law...

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