Pioneer shows off its 52-inch WWS-DT101 multitouch table

Pioneer Shows off its WWS-DT101 multitouch table

( -- Pioneer has announced the creation of its new WWS-DT101, it is a touch screen table PC that has an area of 52". The screen, which gratefully can support multitouch input, is based on a Full HDTV, and runs of proprietary software that Pioneer has developed in house, though the systems PC component is based on the Windows 7 64Bit operating system. This makes it not too far off the mark of the similar table developed by Microsoft itself earlier this year.

The WWS-DT101 multitouch table is able to share data with mobile devices, such as the or , with the help of any standard connection. The table PC is also able to use TransferJet technology for sharing with enabled devices. If a large amount of data needs to be shared, or the device in question is not Wi-Fi enabled, then sharing can be done with the use of USB ports built into the table.

The Pioneer multitouch WWS-DT101 will be powered by an Intel Core i7 CPU that is being supported by 6GB of RAM. More details on the rest of the hardware have not been released at this time.

Pioneer Shows off its WWS-DT101 multitouch table

Sadly, the same can be said about both the date when this system is expected to be released and the price point at this moment. So, if you were ready to buy, you are going to have to wait a while, or choose a different option in the growing table PC world. Though, for now they are likely to be cost prohibitive for the majority of home users.

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