A multi-touch coffee table display may be coming to an office near you

A multi-touch coffee table display may be coming to an office near you

(PhysOrg.com) -- Multi-touch tables and displays are not really a new thing. They have been used in museum exhibitions for a few years now, and even in some medial applications. The idea of having a multi-touch table in your home or office however is a novel concept thats time has come.

The Touchscape Multi-Touch Table, made by Touchscape, has a 47-inch that can show pictures at 1080p high-definition. This technology could be used for high-definition collaboration for just about every application you can think of, from serious presentations to amazing gaming.

Inside of the fairly standard-looking high-density acrylic coffee table is some serious hardware. The display has a 3.4GHz quad-core Phenon processor, which is able to draw support from 4GB of memory dedicated to the processor alone. The system also has 180GB of general storage and can connect wirelessly using any of the following standards: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet or 3G.

The screen, a high viewing angle LCD display, features a vision system that includes 8-bit microprocessor-controlled Frustrated Total Internal Reflection technology to help it manage multiple simultaneous inputs. It also features an ambient light sensor that can adjust the displays brightness according to background lighting conditions as well as a self-monitoring system to keep the screen refreshing.

Just in case someone treats this table like it is actually a coffee table, the screen has a scratch resistant, wipe clean top coating to keep spills from destroying the device.

The Touchscape Table is available in some standard configurations, but custom versions are available. If you are interested in the pricing on these devices you will have to contact the company directly.

More information: touchscape.org/v2/products/coffee-table/

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