The 70 kilo single person plane

The 70 kilo single person plane

( -- Aki Suokas, a Finnish aeronautical engineer, has just finished creating a unique single-seat aircraft this week. The project was completed at Aero Friedrichshafen, and it has been dubbed the FlyNano.

The FlyNano is made up completely of a that makes this very light. The whole of the plane weighs only 70 kilograms in total. This weight class may actually make this plane light enough that the pilot may not need a license to fly it, depending on your flight path. The plane both takes off and lands on water, and comes in three versions.

The 70 kilo single person plane

The first version, one electric only, and two fuel based versions. The electric-only version has a 20kW engine. The two petrol-based engined run on 24 bhp and 35 bhp, respectively. The top speed on these planes is roughly 140 km/h, with a minimum speed of 70 km/h . The FlyNano has a of five meters. The plan can support a take off weight of 200 kg, as well as a take off speed of about 70km/h. In theory, the can travel about up to 70 kilometers in a single fueling, or charging, depending on the model that you have chosen to fly.

The 70 kilo single person plane

If you want to own one of these planes it will cost you about $39,000, for the least expensive of these three models. Orders on the FlyNano will be taken in three months from now, so you have some time to save up the cash if you really want to have this one man craft for yourself.

The FlyNano has been officially launched at Aero 2011 show at Friedrichshafen, Germany, 13 – 16 April.

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