Ambient light powered LCD released by Samsung

Ambient light powered LCD released by Samsung
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( -- Most of us are familiar with LCD technology. You probably have an LCD monitor in front of you right now. There may be an LCD TV sitting in your living room, or bedroom, at this very second. You know that LCD screens come with a power cord. You plug it in and your screen comes to life.

But what if you did not have to plug in your LCD at all? What if it soaked up the light in the room to power itself?

Samsung is betting that consumers will be intrigued enough by the idea to make it worth the purchase. They have tweaked their existing transparent LCD technology, it is now energy efficient enough that it can be powered by ambient light alone. That's right, just the light in the room, no cords and no batteries to replace.

A prototype of the technology was debuted at 2011.

The prototype featured a 46-inch screen that supported full HD resolution video, at 1920x1080 pixels. The screen was also able to act as a full ten finger touchscreen. The company does have plans for commercial models in the works, but they were not too forthcoming with details such as when devices may be available or how much they will cost. This may have something to do with the fact that this technology is still in development. During the demo the did have some problems.

There are some rumors of Samsung using this technology to develop larger panels than the ones currently in existence. The biggest panels that the company currently releases is a 65-inch model.

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