Preview of what's to see on Google TV

Google revealed new details about its Google TV system last week with the launch of a new Web site, and Logitech showed off the first piece of hardware running the Internet-TV system, a gadget called the Revue.

I'm really curious to see Google's approach because every Internet TV device I've tried dating back to MSN WebTV just isn't very satisfying. Entering information through some wireless keyboard (balanced precariously on your lap while sitting on the couch) or a is just too slow, clunky and awkward and diminishes the experience.

Even Apple's recently released reboot of Apple TV, which isn't quite Web browsing but connects your TV to the Internet in a variety of excellent ways, is challenged a bit when it comes to entering information via its minimalist remote control.

In addition to browsing the Web and watching , will let you download apps for the television, including a recently announced Twitter app -- because we all know how eager everyone is to tweet via TV.

Reading through the Google TV site, one of the pieces of promo that worries me immediately is "type in what you want, and we'll find it for you." When I'm watching TV, I don't want to type in anything. And why should I? Google's voice search works pretty well, and further down the site's "features" page, voice search using your or iPhone is mentioned. I really want to see some impressive displays of voice search and command and control during Logitech's presentation.

Also, I am not too impressed with the pricepoints for the Revue: $300 for the set-top box, $130 for the mini-controller and $150 for a video conferencing for the system all seems a bit steep. That keyboard-like controller looks like a monstrosity, too. That said, I am painfully curious to try it out.

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