Gadgets: Pioneer speaker system rocks out

The Pioneer XW-NAS3 speaker system
The Pioneer XW-NAS3 speaker system

To sum it up if you want to read no further: The Pioneer XW-NAS3 speaker system for iPods and iPhones rocks the house even at the highest volume levels.

The unit costs a little more than many similar systems, but in this case you certainly get your money's worth.

As the unit was unpacked and before it was turned on, it was obvious this is a well-constructed and heavy (12 pounds) device.

Packed into the system is a pair of 52mm full-range , along with a separate down-firing subwoofer.

Once you dock your iPod and turn it on, it's obvious why this is a great unit.

In reviews, I've often remarked that a system provides sound but won't be the life of a party. That's not the case with this one; it will fill a room with great-sounding, clear music.

The attractive desktop unit measures 8.3-by-16.5-by-5.8 inches with an attractive glossy black finish (also available in white) and includes a wireless remote.

It becomes Bluetooth-enabled for an additional purchase ($99) of an adapter, allowing broadcast from smartphones equipped with Bluetooth technology.

With the video output ports, users can add a monitor for viewing movies broadcast over the unit's speakers.

Details:, $449.00 is the suggested price but Amazon has it for $335.56

Regardless of how you store your , it's easy to leave behind it or other high-priced items so attractive to thieves.

With the keychain-sized ZOMM paired to any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or other high-priced , a wireless leash is formed between the phone and the owner.

Just like any other Bluetooth cell phone option, pair it up with a phone to function as an adequate hands-free device.

Calls are answered and heard over a built-in speaker; the includes noise-cancelling technology.


The main function of the device is to alert users when the ZOMM separates from its partner.

Once that separation occurs, the ZOMM vibrates, lights flash and an alarm sounds. If you separate the two on purpose, simply press a button on the ZOMM to cancel the alarm.

A nice safety feature allows owners to activate a panic button, which sounds an alarm up to 40db and calls an emergency number, which can be programmed by the user.

According to company tests, users can expect up to three days of battery life before the lithium-ion battery needs recharging with the included micro-USB wall charger or via any USB port on a computer.

Details:, $79.99 at Best Buy

It's interesting to see how many accessory product e-mails I get after Apple makes any kind of product announcement.

To the inbox first, just minutes after last week's new iPod line was announced, came a press release from Scosche announcing cases for the new touch and nano.

The announcement included six new stylish case designs for the new Apple products -- each of which offer added functionality and superior protection.

These include my favorite "flyer friendly feature" of the company's signature kickBACK case.

When in use with the kickBACK, the new iPod touch gen 4 media player can be positioned sideways for landscape video viewing. The case is built with a polycarbonate exterior along with a flexible impact resistant rubber interior.

Also included is the Scosche beefKASE t4 featuring genuine leather back and a polycarbonate shell to provide a unique professional look and feel.

Among the announcements for the nano are the tightGRIP case packs.

These are silicone enclosures to provide grip and protection and come in packs of 3 with choices of black, blue, clear, pink, purple or red.

Users of the new iPod touch can also get the silicone enclosures in 3 packs in black, blue and red choices.

Check the company's website for the full line of new cases and accessories, which range in price from $14.99 to $39.99.


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