Russian satellite breaks up over perplexed Mexicans

February 12, 2010

A loud explosion and ball of fire that people in central Mexico reported seeing in the sky was actually a Russian satellite plunging back to earth, experts said Thursday.

"We think it was the space wreckage of a Russian satellite that was catalogued by the Department of Defense of the and which we knew could pass over Mexican territory," said Fernando de la Peno, an engineer who is also a chief proponent of establishing a Mexican space agency.

Reports of a large reached Mexican media and police on Wednesday from the Hidalgo and Puebla states.

Many said they felt the ground shake with the blast and some reported seeing a huge crater on the ground blown out by the fiery object. But nothing was found after a through search of the area on Thursday.

De la Pena said the space debris was likely the Cosmos 2421 reconnaissance satellite launched by the Russian Navy in June 2006 that malfunctioned and broke apart into 15 pieces two years later.

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not rated yet Feb 12, 2010
woo hoo! Free plutonium for everyone! Grab your buckets and shovels-
Feb 12, 2010
This comment has been removed by a moderator.
not rated yet Feb 12, 2010
Whats up (or down) with Russian satellites and missiles[Bulava] lately?
1 / 5 (1) Feb 12, 2010
Quite a stir, indeed- and the comic possibilities multiply the longer you think about headline. If there is a crater, though, it needs to be located quickly, just to confirm level of health risk, if nothing else.
xyz- check out for all the latest on that very question- a highly entertaining read, and, as conspiracy theory goes- this stuff is off the charts!
not rated yet Feb 13, 2010
I see Richard Hoagland is still harping about HAARP and the "Norway Spiral". A classic crank. Sites like his have a 'National Enquirer-does-science' look to them.
not rated yet Feb 13, 2010
Agree--great headline. I wonder why all the perplexed Mexicans were gathered in one place to begin with. Maybe regular Mexicans had a head's up and had sought shelter.

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