Infineon Launches New Generation Multimode HSPA+ RF Transceiver SMARTi UE2

Infineon Technologies AG today announced sample delivery of SMARTi UE2, the latest generation multi-band HSPA+/EDGE/GPRS RF transceiver for mobile devices.

Its groundbreaking digital architecture reduces the number of power amplifiers from five to one and integrates all LNA’s (Low Noise Amplifier) and interstage filters. This leads to remarkable improvements for next generation smartphones: RF PCB area shrinks by 40 percent, cost of ownership reduces by 40 percent and current consumption economizes by more than 25 percent compared to today´s solutions.

”The SMARTi UE2 provides outstanding benefits for all the major key performance indicators: cost, size, current consumption and RF performance,” says Stefan Wolff, Vice President of the Wireless Solutions Division and General Manager of the and RF business at Infineon. ”Our proven leadership in RF will enable our customers to create new smartphones and with extremely flexible form factors and extended battery life time.”

Infineon offers a complete form-factor reference design with co-developed RF front-end components like power amplifiers and switches from leading component suppliers reducing efforts and time-to-market for customers. SMARTi UE2 samples have been provided to lead customers and mass production is scheduled to start in fourth quarter 2010.

SMARTi UE2 supports Quad-Band EDGE and Six-Band HSPA+ for global roaming and best area and indoor coverage. It boosts data rates up to 28.8Mbps in downlink and 11.5Mbps in uplink at highest signal quality with Rx Diversity and MIMO. SMARTi UE2 and all the RF front-end components are controlled through a standardized digital DigRF V3.09 interface. Built-in routines and a High Level Command (HLC) programming allow shortest calibration time and very simple system integration of the RF subsystem. The interface and programming model is backward compatible to the successful SMARTi UE family and matches perfectly to Infineon HSPA and HSPA+ Baseband modems X-GOLD 61x and X-GOLD 62x.

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Source: Infineon
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