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Neural network for low-memory IoT devices

A scientist from Russia has developed a new neural network architecture and tested its learning ability on the recognition of handwritten digits. The intelligence of the network was amplified by chaos, and the classification ...

How to bounce back from stretched out stretchable sensors

Elastic can stretch too far, which could be problematic for wearable sensors. A team of researchers at Yokohama National University has proposed a fix to prevent too much stretching while improving the sensing ability of ...

Researchers develop smallest particle sensor in the world

TU Graz, AMSm, and Silicon Austria Labs have developed a compact, energy-efficient sensor for mobile devices that informs users in real time about the fine dust content in the air and warns them of elevated values.

Thin and ultra-fast photodetector sees the full spectrum

Researchers have developed the world's first photodetector that can see all shades of light, in a prototype device that radically shrinks one of the most fundamental elements of modern technology.

An acoustically actuated microscopic device

Researchers at EPFL have developed remote-controlled, mechanical microdevices that, when inserted into human tissue, can manipulate the fluid that surrounds them, collect cells or release drugs. This breakthrough offers numerous ...

Engineers imitate human hands to make better sensors

An international research team has developed "electronic skin" sensors capable of mimicking the dynamic process of human motion. This work could help severely injured people, such as soldiers, regain the ability to control ...

Mirror-like photovoltaics get more electricity out of heat

New heat-harnessing "solar" cells that reflect 99% of the energy they can't convert to electricity could help bring down the price of storing renewable energy as heat, as well as harvesting waste heat from exhaust pipes and ...

Smart suit wirelessly powered by a smartphone

Athletes are always on the lookout for new ways to push the limits of human performance and one needs to first pinpoint their current limits objectively if they seek to overcome them. A team of researchers from the National ...

New mathematical tool can select the best sensors for the job

In the 2019 Boeing 737 Max crash, the recovered black box from the aftermath hinted that a failed pressure sensor may have caused the ill-fated aircraft to nose dive. This incident and others have fueled a larger debate on ...

Tandem devices feel the heat

Understanding how solar cell operation changes as it moves from the lab into the real world is essential for optimizing their design prior to mass production. KAUST researchers show how perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells ...

Arm: semiconductor giant powering world's smartphones

Arm, the British semiconductor designer being sold by Japanese group Softbank to US chip company NVIDIA for up to $40 billion, is a technological power in smart phones worldwide.

AI tech to spot dangerous drivers

New license recognition technology could one day be used to detect dangerous drivers before problems arise.

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Spin clean-up method brings practical quantum computers closer to reality
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A clearer view of what makes glass rigid
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Secure nano-carrier delivers medications directly to cells
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New way of analyzing soil organic matter will help predict climate change