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Nvidia buys Israeli chipmaker Mellanox for $6.9 bn

US computer graphics giant Nvidia said Monday it is acquiring Israeli data center firm Mellanox for $6.9 billion, to expand its presence in the high performance computing segment.

Light connects two worlds on a single chip

For the first time, researchers of the University of Twente succeeded in connecting two parts of an electronics chip using an on-chip optical link. A light connection could be a safe way of connecting a high-power component ...

Image: Space chips etched in silicon

Multiple integrated circuits destined to serve as the brains of Europe's future space missions are etched together onto single pieces of silicon.

Keeping up with Moore's Law

These days, Moore's Law is not so much a scientific law as an aspiration. The notion that there is a doubling every year of the number of components that can be squeezed on to the same area of integrated circuitry was first ...

A new generation of organic light-emitting diodes

Another major success for the University of Bayreuth: over the next four years, the university will be coordinating an intercontinental research network that has 3.9 million euros in funding. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, ...

Enabling fabrication beyond 7nm

How did we get from the Palm Pilots of the 90s to the ultra-powerful smart phones of today? In large part, because of scaling, where integrated circuits are made with smaller feature sizes fitting more and more circuit elements ...

Controlling the crystal size of organic semiconductors

Recently, solution-processable organic semiconductors are being highlighted for their potential application in printed electronics, becoming a feasible technique to fabricate large-area flexible thin film at a low cost. The ...

SK Hynix posts record profits on rising demand

South Korea's SK Hynix, the world's second-largest memory chipmaker, posted record profits in the third quarter, the company said Thursday, citing resilient global demand.

NASA studies space applications for GaN crystals

An exotic material poised to become the semiconductor of choice for power electronics —- because it is far more efficient than silicon—is now being eyed for potential applications in space.

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Optics & Photonics
Folding an acoustic vortex on a flat holographic transducer to form miniaturized selective acoustic tweezers
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Nanoscale magnetic imaging of ferritin in a single cell
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Scientists identify almost two million previously 'hidden' earthquakes
Archaeology & Fossils
A history of the Crusades, as told by crusaders' DNA
Bioengineers add cooperative molecules to their toolkit for programming signal processing
General Physics
Scientists invent way to trap mysterious 'dark world' particle at Large Hadron Collider
Research provides insights into molecular gas in the massive spiral galaxy NGC 5908
Hubble celebrates its 29th birthday with unrivaled view of the Southern Crab Nebula
Quantum Physics
New method enables quantum simulations on larger systems
Space Exploration
Israeli team investigating 'chain of events' in lunar crash
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Scientists advance creation of 'artificial lymph node' to fight cancer, other diseases
Study: Infamous 'death roll' almost universal among crocodile species
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Cell-killing proteins suppress listeria without killing cells
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How superstitions spread
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Ginkgo seed extracts show antibacterial activity on skin pathogens
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Team develops new method to explore what happens inside fires and explosions
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Lasers make magnets behave like fluids
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Flies smell through a Gore-Tex system