EU unveils more precise satnav system

The service is open to any user with a GPS/SBAS compatible receiver in most of the 27 EU states
A GPS system installed in a car in France. The European Union has launched a free satellite navigation system with increased accuracy for drivers, hikers and boat owners, but also for use on farms and roadworks.

(AP) -- The European Union has unveiled an updated satellite navigation system that is up to five times more precise than the current GPS system.

EU Transport Commissioner Antonio Tajani says the EGNOS system will allow for far more intricate applications ranging from pinpointing agricultural spraying to helping to guide blind people in their everyday lives. It would also improve applications in aviation and automatic road tolling.

Tajani said Thursday that EGNOS is not a replacement for the EU's troubled Galileo system, which is supposed to be operational by 2013.

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