Ericsson developing a 'spider' computer (w/ Video)

Ericsson developing a 'spider' computer

( -- Ericsson has produced a prototype of a portable computer that projects the screen and keyboard, and a mock-up of a "spider" computer that will be small enough to carry in a pocket.

The prototype, demonstrated at this week's Taiwan Broadband show as part of Ericsson's project, Life in 2020, projects a laser keyboard onto a desk and the screen image onto the wall. On one side of the device is a laser projector that projects a laser keyboard onto the table, and on the other side is a pico-projector that produces a 30 inch screen image. The prototype has a short and the device has no network connectivity and has only a memory card reader. Laser keyboard technology was developed some time ago, but the concept has never really taken off.

The ultimate goal is to develop a much smaller computer (the spider) that is a full PC with wireless broadband and a built-in long lasting battery. The spider exists at the moment only as a small black mock-up with retractable tripod legs. The device is small enough to carry in a pocket.

Ericsson's original idea was to create a small for third world countries, but the concept changed as they continued their research into what computers might be like in 2020.

The spider is not expected to be fully developed until 2020, but Ericsson is currently negotiating with manufacturers who might produce the prototype screen and laser keyboard well before then.

Ericsson developing a 'spider' computer

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