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One of the big Internet things these days is social networking. There's Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, hi5, YouTube, the list goes on and on. Then there's your personal blog that you maintain, your own website with even more stuff about yourself and you never dreamed that keeping in touch with so many could be so exhausting. But there you have it. You are connected, accessible and everyone out there has a chance to share the wonderfulness of you. But perhaps you are just now beginning to discover that being on so many online places comes with its own set of problems. Like for starters, how does one find out everywhere you are?

Probably the most glaring problem is managing all of that online presence. And it's a double-edged sword if you think about it. The problem affects not only you, but all of the people trying to keep tabs on everything that you're doing as well. I might for example, be trying to touch base with you on your MySpace page but it's your log that really has the information about you I want. And maybe I didn't even know you were on but had I known that, I could have seen you were planning to go to that bookstore to meet your favorite author who was making a personal appearance and signing copies of her book. Too bad there wasn't some easier way to see all of your online locations at one time. Well now there is and it's called GizaPage.

Basically, GizaPage is a one-stop online location that aggregates your entire online presence into one website. And that double-edge sword thing I mentioned? GizaPage solves that too because now you just give out your GizaPage address instead. When they go there, they can see every social network, every blog and anything else you're doing online on your single GizaPage location. GizaPage works pretty much like your browser's tabs.

When you or anyone goes to your GizaPage, they see at the top of the page a series of tabs, each with the name of the social website it represents. If you or anyone on your GizaPage clicks on the Facebook tab for example, they will see your Facebook home page with all of the information and links presented just as if you were on the Facebook website itself. Click on the Twitter tab to see your Twitter page. It works for Flickr, Hi5, , and everything else. Clicking on the corresponding tab on the GizaPage yields that page instantly.

So if you think about it, your personal GizaPage lets your friends discover more about you because they won't miss anything that you're doing. And of course, you won't miss their activities when they give you their GizaPage. GizaPage is really your very own social identity website.

Other GizaPage options include maintaining some basic statistics that show you how many visitors you had to your GizaPage as well as a breakdown that further reveals how many people are looking at the individual social websites you have available there. It's a great way to keep track of what's most popular. Knowing things like that can help you delegate your valuable time to the areas that seem to be getting the most attention and maybe even discontinuing some sites that no one is really looking at. GizaPage can even email additional statistics to you such as any new friends that visited, added profiles and connection requests.

The other angle you may want to consider with GizaPage is its marketing potential. If you're a company seeking better ways for your customers to keep tabs on what you are doing online, giving your customers or clients a single GizaPage address would be a really easy way to let them follow your activities.

At this time, GizaPage is still in Beta and is completely free. Value-added components are already in the works but as of this time, it's all available at no cost. So if you're a social networking butterfly, you're really going to like what GizaPage has to offer. You can now just simply land in one place, yet you can still be everywhere you want to be.

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