India's $10 Laptop to be revealed Feb. 3 (Updated)

( -- On February 3, the Indian government will display a prototype of the Rs 500, a $10 laptop that will hopefully give more young people the opportunity to learn and help increase the country's school enrollment.

UPDATE (February 4, 2009):
On Tuesday, February 3, India's national Mission on Education Program clarified that the $10 laptop is actually not a laptop, but a storage device. The storage device contains megabytes of data that can be accessed by a user by connecting the device to a laptop. The 5-inch by 10-inch Rs 500 storage device is now priced at $30. Joint Secretary N. K. Sinha, who made the announcement, did not explain why the device was being called a laptop when it was not. via: Times of India

The $10 laptop project is the product of a collaboration among institutions including the Vellore Institute of Technology, the Indian Institute of Science, and IIT-Madras. The project began about three years ago in response to the proposed $100 laptop (the "One Laptop Per Child" project), an idea from MIT's Nicholas Negroponte, which was going to cost $200. Currently, the $10 laptop is projected to cost $20, but India's secretary of higher education R. P. Agarwal hopes that price will come down with mass production.

The $10 laptop will be equipped with 2 GB of memory, WiFi, fixed Ethernet, expandable memory, and consume just 2 watts of power.

The unveiling of the laptop will occur at the government's launch of the National Mission on Education through Information and Technology, held next Tuesday in Tirupati. The Indian government is working with publishers to provide e-content on educational subjects which will be available free of cost. The government is also considering a plan to subsidize internet connections for schools.

Currently, the government is consulting with different production agencies, and hopes to make the computers commercially available in the next six months.

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Jan 30, 2009
*jaw drop* Ok, someone tell me how they can make a laptop for 20 dollars. Even if it is a few generations old, that's crazy cheap. Obviously it won't have some of the special features of the 100 (200) dollar laptop (built in hand generator for places without electricity, very very sturdy), but even so, that's cheap.

Jan 30, 2009
Incredible! As in, I literally don't believe it.

Jan 30, 2009
2GB Memory - that must mean flash disk space - $2
5" LCD screen - $15
.5 GB RAM - $1
CPU $3
Still I can't get to 20 - still need power, motherboard, keyboard (or touch screen), mousepad,
case, on/off switch, and at least one USB port.
So I don't believe it either.

Jan 30, 2009
My Friends,

Having spent considerable time in India over the years I can tell you labor and materials are much cheaper than imaginable in the West or even Japan/Taiwan. So I think it is a bit myopic to just discount the price as impossible.

I will admit it is a very low price but if they can find local producers of parts they will not have to worry about exchange rates and who knows it might be possible.

Even if it costs 30 or 40 dollars it is good to see people pushing the boundaries.

Time will tell....

Jan 31, 2009
And that is good news for the western electronics world! Hopefully they can take a hint at cost cutting procedures and see us outfitted with better tech for cheaper!

Jan 31, 2009
I have a feeling this is screw you to China. If India can pull this off, people are start to go to India for cheap labor.

Jan 31, 2009
It's screw you to the world.

Jan 31, 2009
They could get down to the $20 range if they are using a Motherboard on chip design to reduce part costs and complexity. Locally produced out dated CPU speeds and you could get down to $20 assuming you can essentially discount labor costs through the entire production.

Jan 31, 2009
I worked with Indians for some years, and apparently one of the "business myths"...I'll call it, for lack of a better that China will provide the cheap hardware, India the cheap programming, and between them, they'll "take over the world". That's the dream. (Slightly flawed, but, that's not the issue, here.)

One other factor to throw in their accomplishment is that this cheapy PC doesn't need to pass Western regulations for safety and reliability. Nor do manufacturers necessarily need to give employee benefits. Lower the bar enough, and things become very cheap. It's not just a matter of the difference in cost of Indian material and labor. (Read: exploitation.)

Feb 01, 2009
If it were described as a $10 phone you wouldn't be surprised.

Feb 02, 2009
I want to buy one.

Feb 05, 2009
The "PC" is now revealed. Its a USB stick with OS...
I.E. you still have to have a normal computer before using this.

Feb 05, 2009
Sorry, its a bit more advanced than I tought at first.
The box got WLAN, 2GB memory and can be used to print learning material for schools. OS is Linux ofcourse.

Feb 07, 2009
Currently you can get a respectable laptop for less than $100. HiVision MiniNote or Exon PC701-LX. Maybe the $10 laptop idea is more like a cloud computing access device than your own personal laptop.

Feb 12, 2009
Skepticism FTW.

Mar 15, 2009
ok ,US$ 10-20 laptop can be created to use plastic as semiconductor. Look at how OLED work.With special ink on plastic semiconductor to print chip circuit and motherboard's laptop at lowest cost.PlasticLogic is developing this system, so Indian is.Speed of micrprocessor plastic will be increased.

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