GPS Angel: Red Light and Speed Camera Warning System

GPS Angel Warning Device
GPS Angel Warning Device

( -- The all new GPS Angel Red Light/Speed Camera warning system is designed to warn you of red lights and fixed speed cameras. It's completely road legal and easy to use, just simply place it on your dashboard and switch on.

The GPS Angel comes ready loaded with the leading database of speed and stop light cameras and accident black spots. The database includes all 50 US states and Canada.

The GPS database can be updated daily and you can refresh your copy of it by simply connecting your GPS Angel to your PC. Updates are free for the first year of ownership and then $19.95 buys you unlimited updates for the lifetime of your GPS Angel.

The GPS Angel determines where you are and your exact speed at all times through its radio connection to the GPS satellite network. Utilizing the database saved in its memory, GPS Angel calculates the distance to the next risk area. This enables its alert system to issue a warning before you reach the risk.

The GPS Angel uses GPS technology so it is 100% legal to use. It is designed to warn you of risk areas to help you observe traffic law. A series of colored LED's and audible beeps (adjustable) alerts you when you are approaching a camera location.

The GPS Angel will also allow you to record any personal risk areas you may come across. This is accomplished by holding down the right hand function key and the location of the speed camera will be recorded on your GPS Angel device for future use.

The GPS Angel comes ready to use straight out of the box. Simply place it on your dashboard and plug in its power cable to your cars cigarette lighter. The GPS Angel is available now on-line for $129.00.

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