Bang & Olufsen retail wireless home audio

High-end audio producer Bang & Olufsen has introduced its first wireless stereo system for home use in North America.

The Danish-based company said in a news release Thursday that its BeoLink Wireless 1 system was being released in retail stores this week.

Product Manager Torben Kyed said the system could accommodate more than 20 rooms while maintaining the company's high standards for sound quality. The marketing focus is high-income customers with large homes and a penchant for high-end audio throughout.

"It is very robust," Kyed said. "It has zero delay without any echo in its sound distribution."

The system works on a unit that acts as both transmitter and receiver on the 2.4 Gigahertz band -- the same band that serves wireless LAN networks and Bluetooth phones.

The only wires run from the room receiver to the speakers, which Kyed said reduces the chance of interference from other signals in the home and eliminates the need to drill holes in the walls for cables.

Older model Bang speakers can be used with the transmitter/receivers.

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