.mobi registration kicks off

Members of mobile-industry associations began applying for their .mobi domain names, kicking off registration Monday that runs until May 29.

Associations can register their trademark names as a .mobi mobile domain that will be verified by PricewaterhouseCoopers Belgium.

"PricewaterhouseCoopers supports dotMobi's proactive approach to help ensure that .mobi domain registrations are legitimate and valid," said Bart Lieben of PwC. "Our IP audit approach, utilizing best practices, will reinforce the success of the dotMobi registration launch and ensure the long-term adoption of the .mobi domain for content providers. The fact that dotMobi and PwC are teaming up demonstrates our mutual commitment to the IP and trademark community."

In addition, trademark holders may register their trademarks as .mobi names starting June 12, and individual users may start filing for registration starting August 28.

"The launch of this unique mobile domain is moving ahead at full speed and on schedule," said dotMobi Chief Executive Officer Neil Edwards. "It is with great enthusiasm that we congratulate our supporters, registrars, registrants and mobile users. We are confident that dotMobi will revolutionize the optimized mobile Internet and positively impact consumers in the mobile community. We're all working together to make history, one .mobi domain name at a time."

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