Company unveils new translation software

Translation-software company Babylon unveiled its latest version on Wednesday, Babylon 6.

"The need for communication in foreign languages has increased significantly in the last few years due to the high adoption rates of Computers and the Internet. Our mission is to provide people with a powerful translation solution that is both simple and intuitive to use," Babylon Vice President of Marketing and Sales Alon Carmeli said via a company statement.

"Babylon 6 offers yet another breakthrough in helping users to easily and efficiently translate full texts and instantly receive valuable content from a wide range of authoritative sources, maintaining Babylon's renowned single click ease of use," Carmeli continued.

Instead of just offering word and phrase translation, the new version allows Babylon users to translate entire texts in 17 languages "at a click," the statement said -- "no need to open browser windows, no need for 'copy/ paste;' just click on the text to get results."

The company also boasts the inclusion of several dictionaries and links to Wikipedia in nine languages, an improved spell check and millions of words not included in earlier editions.

Babylon plans to roll out the program throughout the month of May, the statement said, with events planned in Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan and Brazil.

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