Developmental Cell is a broad-spectrum journal that covers the fields of cell biology and developmental biology. It publishes research reports describing novel results of unusual significance in all areas of these two fields, and at the interface between them. Each issue also contains review articles tailored to the journal's broad readership. With this wide coverage, Developmental Cell is a unique cross-disciplinary resource for researchers in both these fields, and for the general scientific community.

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Dying cells protect their neighbors to maintain tissue integrity

To enable tissue renewal, human tissues constantly eliminate millions of cells, without jeopardizing tissue integrity, form and connectivity. The mechanisms involved in maintaining this integrity remain unknown. Scientists ...

Why frogs can't regenerate lost limbs like axolotls

In Lake Xochimilco of central Mexico dwells a rare salamander, the axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum). In the wild, the axolotls do not metamorphose: adults very much resemble their larval counterparts and keep the external gills ...

Discovery of an elusive cell type in fish sensory organs

One of the evolutionary disadvantages for mammals, relative to other vertebrates like fish and chickens, is the inability to regenerate sensory hair cells. The inner hair cells in our ears are responsible for transforming ...

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