ChemPhysChem is a scientific journal published by John Wiley & Sons since 2000. The journal covers physical chemistry.

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Let's face the liquid-liquid interface

The demand for energy consumption, limited availability of fossil fuels, and pollution caused by the energy production industry challenge scientists to find new, more cost-effective, and greener solutions to produce power. ...

Size matters when it comes to atomic properties

A study from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, has yielded new answers to fundamental questions about the relationship between the size of an atom and its other properties, such as electronegativity and energy. The ...

A molecule that works like a nanobattery

How do molecular catalysts—molecules which, like enzymes, can trigger or accelerate certain chemical reactions—function, and what effects do they have? A team of chemists at the University of Oldenburg has come closer ...

Scientists propose new approach to measuring atoms

Today, when new drugs are designed with the help of supercomputers, and electronic devices operate on a nanoscale, it is very important for scientists to understand how neighboring molecules behave towards each other. For ...

Researchers crack solvent mixtures puzzle

Chemists working at the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) Sustainable Chemistry research priority area have collaborated with the Solvay Lab of the Future in Bordeaux to develop a practical toolbox for predicting the solubility ...

Single molecule detected for use in quantum network

Leiden physicists have detected a single molecule called dibenzoterrylene in a new crystal and found that it is a candidate component for a quantum network. Future quantum computers will need such a network to work together ...

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