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Absorbent aerogels show some muscle

A simple chemical process developed at Rice University creates light and highly absorbent aerogels that can take a beating.

The secret to stickiness of mussels underwater

Mussels survive by sticking to rocks in the fierce waves or tides underwater. Materials mimicking this underwater adhesion are widely used for skin or bone adhesion, for modifying the surface of a scaffold, or even in drug ...

Research team develops new class of soft materials

"I think you're on mute." This was the most-used phrase of 2020, according to Human Resources Online. Emblazoned on T-shirts and embossed on coffee-mugs, we used the meme to make fun of ourselves while learning video-conferencing ...

Driving water splitting to create chemical fuels

The sun is an abundant source of renewable energy, which can be captured and converted into usable electricity. However, because the sun doesn't always shine, the supply of energy is not continuous. We need a way to store ...

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