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Team creates map for production of eco-friendly metals

In work that could usher in more efficient, eco-friendly processes for the production of important metals like lithium, iron and cobalt, researchers from MIT and SLAC have mapped what is happening at the atomic level behind ...

Researchers enhance thermoelectric performance of SnTe

Thermoelectric material (TE) realizes the conversion of electricity from waste heat. Since SnTe contains toxic-free elements and possesses the high-symmetry rock salt crystal structure, it has gained much attention in the ...

Development of Cd-free quantum dot synthesis technology

Prof. Jong-Soo Lee and his research team from the Department of Energy Science & Engineering, DGIST, developed a green-emitting Cd-Free quantum dot synthesis technology with high color reproduction rate. The newly developed ...

Tracking pileups on battery charging route to drive performance

Because of their high storage capacity, metal oxides are a promising class of potential conversion-type electrode materials for next-generation lithium-ion batteries. Conversion-type electrode materials undergo conversion ...

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