Genetic traffic signal orchestrates early embryonic development

You are the product of metamorphosis. During the third week of your embryonic existence, fateful genetic choices were made that began to transform a tiny ball of identical stem cells into a complex organism of flesh and blood, ...

Factor found to balance medically useful stem cell qualities

A key protein controls stem cell properties that could make them more useful in regenerative medicine, according to a study led by Mount Sinai researchers and published online today in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

A snapshot of stem cell expression

Researchers on the Wellcome Genome Campus reveal new genes involved in stem cell pluripotency, new subpopulations of cells and new methods to find meaning in the data. Published in Cell Stem Cell, the findings have implications ...

The black box at the beginning of life

Life begins with an egg and a sperm: that much is clear. But how do these "germ cells" form, and how do they pass genetic traits from one generation to the next?

Editing stem cell genes will "revolutionize" biomedical research

Applying a dramatically improved method for "editing" genes to human stem cells, University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of neuroscience Su-Chun Zhang has shown a new way to silence genes in stem cells and their progeny ...

You're as old as your stem cells

A special issue of Cell Stem Cell published on June 4 includes a collection of reviews and perspectives on the biology of aging.

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