Work on connection between eye, brain wins $1 million prize

Four researchers based at U.S. and British universities are sharing a EUR1 million ($1.1 million) prize from a Portuguese foundation for work that has improved understanding of how our eyes send signals to the brain.

Beat the stock market by satisfying customers

Satisfy your customers and win in the stock market, says a new study by a team of researchers from Michigan's University Research Corridor, who found positive stock returns on customer satisfaction far out-distance competitive ...

Emirates jet crashed as gear went up for 2nd landing attempt

The pilot in last month's Emirates airliner crash landing in Dubai tried to take off again after a brief touchdown and had already begun raising the landing gear when the plane ultimately hit the ground, according to preliminary ...

Research examines global security and surveillance technologies

As governments around the world scramble to better respond to security threats, they are increasingly monitoring everyday things used to commit crime, like cell phones and automobiles. This novel approach to fighting crime ...

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