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Angry bird's unique wing weapon revealed

( —The solitaire bird was a giant flightless pigeon that, like its closest relative the dodo, became extinct soon after European explorers settled in its habitat. It had a strange knob-like ball ...

May 28, 2013
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The great Dodo weight debate

( -- The Dodo (Raphus cucullatus), a pigeon type bird that went extinct over 300 years ago is raising debate these last few months on just how slender or plump it really was. When the Dodo bird w ...

Apr 18, 2011 report
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Dead as a dodo? Scientists spot rare Samoan species

A team of government researchers in Samoa has announced that it has finally sighted a juvenile Manumea bird (also known as the tooth-billed pigeon or little dodo) during an intensive field search in the forests ...

Jan 24, 2014
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