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Bacteria renew mystery over Chilean poet Neruda's death

Family of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda said Thursday forensic experts have found evidence of a massive bacterial infection in his remains, increasing their suspicion that he was poisoned by dictator Augusto Pinochet's regime.

dateMay 28, 2015 in Other
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Top UK scientists warn against EU exit

A group of leading British scientists including Nobel-winning geneticist Paul Nurse warned leaving the European Union could threaten research funding, in a letter published in The Times newspaper on Friday.

dateMay 22, 2015 in Other
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Publisher pushback puts open access in peril

Delegates at the The Higher Education Technology Agenda (THETA) conference on the Gold Coast last week heard from futurist Bryan Alexander about four possible scenarios for the future of knowledge. ...

dateMay 21, 2015 in Other
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Auditors: National Science Foundation suspends UConn grants

The National Science Foundation has frozen more than $2 million in grants to the University of Connecticut after a foundation investigation found two professors used grant money to buy products from their own company, Connecticut ...

dateMay 01, 2015 in Other
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Insect mating behavior has lessons for drones
New 'designer carbon' boosts battery performance
Cheetah robot lands the running jump (w/ Video)
Mechanism for aprotic sodium-air batteries
Outpatient uterine polypectomy more cost-effective
Rapamune approved for rare lung disease
Project Jacquard to weave interactivity into textiles
Catheterization increasing for seniors with STEMI
FDA warns of complications from facial fillers
Herschel's hunt for filaments in the Milky Way
How comets were assembled
Why do people waste so much time at work?

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