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Breakthrough lights up metamaterials

City College of New York led-team has successfully demonstrated how to both enhance light emission and capture light from metamaterials embedded with light emitting nanocrystals. The breakthrough, headed ...

Jan 16, 2015
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Laser sniffs out toxic gases from afar

Scientists have developed a way to sniff out tiny amounts of toxic gases—a whiff of nerve gas, for example, or a hint of a chemical spill—from up to one kilometer away.

Ever tried a 'laser delicious' apple?

The ability to detect when to harvest "climacteric" fruits—such as apples, bananas, pears and tomatoes—at the precise moment to ensure "peak edibleness" in terms of both taste and texture may soon be ...

Elon Musk's SpaceX drops lawsuit against Air Force

Tide turning in Ebola fight after hard lessons

Davos elites warned about catastrophic cyberattacks

Giving LEDs a cozy, warm glow

When the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics was awarded this October to three Japanese-born scientists for the invention of blue light emitting diodes (LEDs), the prize committee declared LED lamps would light the ...

Atoms can be in two places at the same time

Physicists find a new way to slow the speed of light

Sonic booms in nerves and lipid membranes

Are aliens watching old TV shows?

Why is Andromeda coming toward us?

Peering into cosmic magnetic fields

Optical 'watermills' control spinning light

Scientists at King's have built on research they conducted last year to achieve previously unseen levels of control over the travelling direction of electromagnetic wave in waveguides and proved that the ...

The Wild West of physics

Snapshot of cosmic burst of radio waves

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