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The art of hand-polishing precision optics

Growing up in a household of artists and engineers, Peter Thelin was destined for a career in which artistry mattered. Only for him, art has come in the form of manipulating the shapes, sizes and qualities of optics. And ...

dateMay 25, 2015 in Optics & Photonics
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The trillion-frame-per-second camera

When a crystal lattice is excited by a laser pulse, waves of jostling atoms can travel through the material at close to one sixth the speed of light, or approximately 28,000 miles/second. Scientists now have ...

dateApr 29, 2015 in Optics & Photonics
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Bendable glass devices

A special class of glass materials known as chalcogenide glasses holds promise for speeding integration of photonic and electronic devices with functions as diverse as data transfer and chemical sensing. ...

Researchers build real-time tunable plasmon laser

(—A combined team of researchers from Northwestern and Duke Universities has succeeded in building a plasmon laser that is tunable in real-time. In their paper published in the journal Nature Co ...

Solution-grown nanowires make the best lasers

Take a material that is a focus of interest in the quest for advanced solar cells. Discover a "freshman chemistry level" technique for growing that material into high-efficiency, ultra-small lasers. The result, ...

Camera chip provides superfine 3-D resolution

Imagine you need to have an almost exact copy of an object. Now imagine that you can just pull your smartphone out of your pocket, take a snapshot with its integrated 3-D imager, send it to your 3-D printer, ...

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