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Soundproofing with quantum physics

Sebastian Huber and his colleagues show that the road from abstract theory to practical applications needn't always be very long. Their mechanical implementation of a quantum mechanical phenomenon could soon ...

dateJul 02, 2015 in Quantum Physics
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The cosmic start of lightning

Even though lightning is a common phenomenon, the exact mechanism triggering a lightning discharge remains elusive. Scientists at the Dutch national research institute for mathematics CWI, the University ...

dateJul 01, 2015 in General Physics
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Producing spin-entangled electrons

A team from the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, along with collaborators from several Japanese institutions, have successfully produced pairs of spin-entangled electrons and demonstrated, for the ...

dateJul 01, 2015 in Quantum Physics
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How oversized atoms could help shrink

"Lab-on-a-chip" devices – which can carry out several laboratory functions on a single, micro-sized chip – are the result of a quiet scientific revolution over the past few years. For example, they enable ...

dateJul 01, 2015 in Condensed Matter
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